Barų ir restoranų reikmenys. Patikimi ir ilgaamžiai |


Bars and restaurants interior design is so pretentious in our days, that it very difficult to match all the supplies in a style and keep them functional, long lasting and aesthetic. Clear plastic supplies can be standard or custom designed and made especially for your catering business. It can be any size and shape, decorated with a print of your logo or other décor or information. It will fit in any modern or rustic interior because it is less noticeable than supplies made of other materials, these are elegant and clear. Plastic catering supplies will not only be useful but also will help to better organize work of your personnel and keep your kitchen, counter and dining area in order and clean.

  • CNC Frezavimas
    CNC Milling
    Digitally-controlled milling machine ensures maximum precision and can be utilized to mill various plastics, PVC, various composite materials, veneer, LMDP, MDP, MDF, MPP, OSB, as well as the materials which are less frequently used in manufacturing. The current technological capabilities of the mill allow its users to process products the measurements of which are up to 4300x2050x180 mm.
  • Gamyba
    We are constantly investing in our manufacturing infrastructure as well as into new technologies for the manufacturing. We are utilizing automatized and manual solutions alike – all according the production specifications. Our current capabilities allow us to produce goods out of a variety of materials: organic glass, PET, PVVC, aluminum, aluminum composite, etc.
  • CNC Laser cutting
    Our laser cutting machine is created based on CNC; it is a digitally-controlled apparatus. This machine provides its user with an opportunity to swiftly and effectively cut a variety of different materials: acrylic, organic glass, wood, veneer, etc. Technological abilities of the laser cutting machines allows one to choose from the different power modes and adjust the machine to the material that is being cut; the precision of the positioning can reach less than 0.01 mm. The current perimeter of our laser cutting machine is 1600 mm x 2600 mm. The maximal thickness of the cutting is 33 mm.