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Bandita 33 mini šviesdėžė

Bandita 33 event invitation – lightbox

If you turn on the radio here in Lithuania in the afternoon probably soon you will catch Zip FM frequency and optimistic woman’s voice will fasten your attention. One of the most famous local DJ girl Simona Bandita was celebrating her 33rd birthday and 10 years anniversary on the air. With her idea of uncommon VIP invitation, she came to our office. It was a real challenge for us to create impressive and sparkling invitation which comes out of 2D. If you imagine common invitations it is only a tricks of print possibilities and variety of printing materials or paper. Our designers and engineers were working hard on technical solutions of esthetic vision of the invitation idea. And the result came shiny and impressive exactly as Simona is by herself. Small boxes constructed by our team with LED lights inside was shining like neon sign. It was the exact idea of micro signboard of the one-night pop-up nightclub “Bandita 33” were party was going on.

Kids edutainment center Curiocity

After the hard work is done it is a pleasure to see the result in front of you. The summer of 2017 was rich in experience for all us at “AdSystems”, and “Curiocity” was one of the greatest projects for families with kids. It’s neither a playground nor a museum, it is the biggest edutainment center for family leisure time not only in Lithuania but in all the Baltic states. It is in the periphery of Kaunas city, at the shopping and leisure center “Mega”. Founders state that the idea was borrowed from the US. There are established over 200 museums for kids where they can discover history, geography, other natural sciences while playing. On the creation process of “Curiocity” space huge amount of the specialists and scientists like architects, graphic designers, psychologists, educologists, therapists and doctors, natural and fundamental sciences assignees, nutrients and even astronomy scientists were incorporated in a teamwork. We are proud to announce that 14 our specialists were a part of the team. Together we drew blueprints, cut wood, constructed and even welded, to have the result which will not only attract the eye of the visitors but also hold out supernatural forces of playing and investigating kids. Sometimes constructors and designers keep in mind only aesthetic and strong construction but don’t forget that the most important is safety. Little explorers inspect the safety very fast, but it is important to do it before them. Lithuanian-German JSC ”Tuvlita” specialists done it before visitors arrived and confirmed with their safety standards certificates, that our construction and used materials are totally safe for the kids. Our employs families with their kids were one of the first visitors who experienced and tested this unique adventure space. Projects like these require a lot of creative thinking and a lot of time. “Curiocity” for us was not only meant the work which requires attention, thoroughness, and tension but even perfectly planned schedule, for the technical production coming to life in four months, while the design and other objectives were being done in parallel. Every small part of the playground was measured, fitted and cut out individually and the construction elements were used fully, filling up the whole environment. All interior and equipment of the playground were created to be adaptive in the unique architectural interior peculiarities. We can proudly say that “Curiousity” has very special construction suggestions, that it is impossible to replicate, it was designed precisely for this project.

In conclusion here are some numbers for those who like them: For this project, we used more than 950 m2 Highest quality plywood, around 6 cubic meters of dried wood girders and about 500 m2 different wood patterns covered with UV printing.