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Illuminated Displays

Led Light Sheet panels it is the new standard in business signage. This technology saves energy, time, space is a long lasting and sustainable. With the help of innovative technologies LED light is evenly distributed to the entire of fine panel surface and it conveys realistic, rich and attractive view of your advertisement.
Led Light Sheet panels are more superior and universal to other technologies, it has flexible abilities of usage, better optical and constructive features according to common and traditional business signage solutions. Our team are able to design and produce regular, standard size or shape Led Light Sheet panels for magnetic frames and also not common, large directional, navigation signs and references advertising LED panels.

  • Apšvietimo instaliacija
    Lighting Installation
    We are specialized in a field of the lighting solutions for the visual production; we are also proficient in optimizing the existing lighting solutions for our clients. We achieve this by relying on the certificated LED and other lighting solutions, which comply to the strict rules on electrical safety. By working together with the providers, we are producing and offering innovative, energy saving and easily manageable lighting products.
  • CNC Frezavimas
    CNC Milling
    Digitally-controlled milling machine ensures maximum precision and can be utilized to mill various plastics, PVC, various composite materials, veneer, LMDP, MDP, MDF, MPP, OSB, as well as the materials which are less frequently used in manufacturing. The current technological capabilities of the mill allow its users to process products the measurements of which are up to 4300x2050x180 mm.
  • Gamyba
    We are constantly investing in our manufacturing infrastructure as well as into new technologies for the manufacturing. We are utilizing automatized and manual solutions alike – all according the production specifications. Our current capabilities allow us to produce goods out of a variety of materials: organic glass, PET, PVVC, aluminum, aluminum composite, etc.
  • CNC Laser cutting
    Our laser cutting machine is created based on CNC; it is a digitally-controlled apparatus. This machine provides its user with an opportunity to swiftly and effectively cut a variety of different materials: acrylic, organic glass, wood, veneer, etc. Technological abilities of the laser cutting machines allows one to choose from the different power modes and adjust the machine to the material that is being cut; the precision of the positioning can reach less than 0.01 mm. The current perimeter of our laser cutting machine is 1600 mm x 2600 mm. The maximal thickness of the cutting is 33 mm.
Plona konstrukcija

Ultra-Slim Panel Thickness

According to screen sort and size all construction is only 8 mm to 15 mm thick.

Even and Intense brightness across the entire panel surface

According to screen sort and size Samsung LED lights guarantee even brightness across the entire panel surface, and illumination is up to 8 000 lx.

Šviesos tolygumas
Dvipusio apšvietimo galimybė

Double-sided LED light panels

Single – and double-sided panels are ideal for showcase. Content will be visual both ways.

Construction possibilities

  • Hanging
  • Suspended
  • Wall mounted
  • Standing
LED plokštumų montavimo galimybės

Energy saving solution

Double-sided panel – 2450x1250x16 mm – 100 W
Single-sided panel – 2450x1250x50 mm – 260 W.

ADS švieslentė 64W
Fluorescencine šviesdėžė 320 W

Long lasting LED technology

ADS švieslentė 25000h
Fluorescencine šviesdėžė 8000h
LED šivečiančių plokšrumų pritaikymas

Where to use

  • Showcases and POS products
  • Business signage
  • Architecture
  • Custom products

LED Light sheet frames

Led Light Sheet Frames function is to attract consumer’s attention. At the moment when visual information reaches its target, message about brand, product or facility already send and works. More than 65% consumers assimilate advertising information from visual sources so visual communication has direct influence to the sales.

LED Light sheet informational / Directional Signs

LED Light Sheet is a space saving solution for business signage where it eliminates the need for a built-up structure that would usually keep fluorescent tubes – reducing the bulkiness of the sign. LED Light Sheet panel is mounted directly behind the backing-sheet. LED Light Sheet can be created to suit internal or external installations and comply with the aesthetic requirements of each project.