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Signs, Screens and Directional Signage

Wherever at the supermarket, airport or offices building visitor could get lost without qualified, well organized and professional installed signage system. It is scheme of solutions which helps to transform urban spaces in to shopping malls, office buildings, warehouses and other commercial premises. Using advanced technologies channel letters and directional signage helps not only to organize and expand spaces in to functional areas but also refresh its design and view by the help of colors and shapes. Well organized and smart installed signage will not need extra illumination and services to maintain and will deliver its pure direct basic function.

  • CNC Frezavimas
    CNC Milling
    Digitally-controlled milling machine ensures maximum precision and can be utilized to mill various plastics, PVC, various composite materials, veneer, LMDP, MDP, MDF, MPP, OSB, as well as the materials which are less frequently used in manufacturing. The current technological capabilities of the mill allow its users to process products the measurements of which are up to 4300x2050x180 mm.
  • Dažymas
    Coating with paint
    Various products intended for the visual advertising as well as the metal constructions are painted or prepared to be painted right here at our company; we adjust the painting processes to the specifications provided by our clients. We paint various constructions – from the smallest to the largest ones – within our specially-made painting chamber.
  • Gamyba
    We are constantly investing in our manufacturing infrastructure as well as into new technologies for the manufacturing. We are utilizing automatized and manual solutions alike – all according the production specifications. Our current capabilities allow us to produce goods out of a variety of materials: organic glass, PET, PVVC, aluminum, aluminum composite, etc.
  • Plačiaformatė spauda
    Graphics. Wide format printing. Plottering.
    To print in wide-format we use a Japan-build MUTOH printer. Newly designed printer head enables to print anything up to 1620 m in width and 1080x1440 dpi resolution. By taking into consideration visual production decoration specifications provided by our clients we can utilize the specially-made plotting machine to cut various films or other materials of different dimensions. The plotter is programmed with the most advanced composite algorithms, which helps to compensate any possible printing deformations.
  • Suvirinimas
    While manufacturing the visual products we are using the TIG welding method (TIG method - welding with a non-melting electrode within the safety gases). TIG welding method is used to process specific materials (such as aluminum) and enables one to reach the highest-level welding quality, which, in turn, turns the manufacturing of the high load, reliable constructions into an easy endeavor.